How to measure your belt

Beara Belts - How to measure your belt size

The best way to gauge the correct size of your belt is to use an existing one.

Measure the length of your belt from the buckle to the hole you mostly use ( see illustration above). Send us this measurement and we will size your belt accordingly. Each of our belts have their length marked on the belt's information. Check your own belt, if it is smaller than the one you are choosing we will shorten it to your size. (From the buckle end so as not to spoil the design). If not go to our long belt category. Any problem or confusion please contact us.

If you are without a belt, hence your order! beg or borrow one and work out the size from it.

A third alternative is to use a piece of string threaded through your belt loops. Pull the string until it fits comfortably and mark the crossover point where the string meets at the front. Send us this measurement and we will gauge your size.

We generally put 7 holes in each belt, fairly close together to allow for contraction and expension of your waist! The leather we use is strong and not subject to stretching, however, as it get more supple with use, the buckle should move 1-2 holes further in. This is normal and no cause for concern.