1.75" Snake Belt (Right Handed*)

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(*) Right Handed/Left Handed belts?

The majority of our belts are suitable for right and left handed people, having a symetrical design. Most people thread their belt using their right hand. As you look down at your waist, the belt passes from right to left (anti-clockwise) around your waist. These are to us right handed belts. Some people thread from left to right (clockwise) and these belts we call left handed. Confused! So are we. But luckily these headings only apply to "snake" belts and a few of our hand tooled range having a design stamped along one side only.

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Buckle 1.5-1 Buckle 1.5-2 Buckle 1.5-3
Solid Brass Buckle 1.75-1 Solid Brass Buckle 1.75-2 Solid Brass Buckle 1.75-3