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Beara Belts


This particular design is the one of Beara belt.

Based on the stormy waves of the atlantic ocean hitting the West coast of Ireland, you can sometimes see a mermaid or other sea creature hidden in the waves. 


Firstly the design is drawn onto the belt to be cut in with a sharp blade.

Using specific hand tools the contour is carved. This brings volume and contrats to the waves.

 After it is carefully hand painted. The final look is obtained by applying our own mixture of sealant/finisher (magic potion) which enhances the tooling and brings out the natural grain of the leather.


This width, 1½", is the most common size for jeans with 35mm. Belts of 1¾" are also good for jeans.


All of our tooled belts are made from 3.2-3.6mm hide, naturally tanned using traditional tanning methods. The belts are all individually hand tooled, which gives a clear and long lasting design.


Beara Belt Hand Tooled, 1½" wide, BB029

  • All belts receive a coat of leather dressing before leaving the workshop, it is good for the leather to keep nourishing it with Ko Cho Line or Saddle Soap every few month. You can find these product in any equestrian shops.


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