This width, 35mm, is the most common size for jeans with 1 1/2". Belts of 1¾" are also popular for jeans.


All of our tooled belts are made from 3.2-3.6mm hide, naturally tanned using traditional tanning methods. The belts are all individually hand tooled, which gives a clear and long lasting design.

Up to 8 different tools can be used in any one belt. With over a 100 stamping tools in the workshop, we produce an extremely wide range of hand tooled belts. Every belt that uses more than 1 tool in the design contains a deliberate mistake to authenticate its individuality; a signature.


After tooling the belts are stained. The final look is obtained by applying up to 5 coats of stain, plus our own mixture of sealant/finisher (magic potion) which enhances the tooling and brings out the natural grain of the leather.


Handmade Marron and Red Belt | Hand Tooled | 35mm wide | XT35-031 BearaBelts